The Most Effective Marketing Tools

In a crisis, buyers behave more deliberately, weigh decisions, so different psychological tricks do not work so well. It is necessary to try very hard to convince the client to spend money. The question is how to do it if the advertising budget is cut to a minimum.  First, you need to make a rule:

  • to measure advertising impact;
  • to focus on the segments of the audience interested in buying.

Which marketing tools solve these problems most effectively?

Contextual advertising

It is desirable to use the full functionality of Google, Bing and its partners (and other local search engine systems like Baidu in Chana). Besides, there are various portal, web places where one can buy banners, ads, etc. Each business industry has its own digital marketplace. Just research yours. For example, cosmetics is better to advertise on specialized portals (cosmetic, medical), beauty blogs, Internet gloss, etc. Also, the advantages of the same product make sense to make Ads in different ways for male and female audiences.

Test more!

Social networks

Social networks are used not only for online, but they are also perfect for offline retail – for example, you can distribute promotional codes with discounts. It allows the possibility to link the displayed advertising to the region (in the FB) and some digital advertising platforms allow even target by a metro station!

Various complex settings are also available in social networks: you can upload your database, or you can customize the display by selecting age, gender, education, interests, geography, income, device type, etc.


Mobile marketing

It is no secret that the share of mobile users is growing. And since the competition in mobile advertising is lower, it makes sense to work on it.

Do not forget about the cheapest way to communicate with customers — SMS. With the right approach, this tool can not only increase customer loyalty, the average purchase check but also reduce costs, as well as attract new customers. Check one of such mobile marketing platforms, which can be used by agencies, businesses, and individuals to advertise own services or provide advertising services on demand –


Lead generation

This marketing strategy is aimed to work with a hot audience – landing pages, forms, mailing the form direct response, etc. That is, the priority is not to reach as many people but to target the customers with the greatest potential.


Comprehensive (end-to-end) Analytics

The effectiveness of all advertising channels and campaigns should be monitored. The problem is that it is difficult to do it manually. After all, before ordering a service or product, the user can visit the website several times – from an advertising banner, from SMS, from search, etc. here you should get familiar with the last click tracking methodology.

The larger the company and the more advertising channels are used, the more appropriate should be the special systems for end-to-end Analytics. To do this, you can use Google Universal Analytics or other paid services.

The same can be said about the advertising itself. To help the marketer will come a number of analytical programs that allow you to segment the audience, track, analyze and predict user behavior.