Phone Cards – Do People Still Use Them?

Phone cards

These are shiny little plastic things similar to your college identity card or a debit card loaded with credit for calling several destinations. Started first by Italians, these cards have calling credits clearly mentioned on them like how much they will charge per second or per minute. Some phone cards would be cheaper for calling to a certain continent or a group of countries in that continent and come in meager few currencies depending on the country you are purchasing them in but they are handy little things to keep in touch with friends and family overseas (overseas is used to say “abroad” if there is any sea between the two countries) or let’s just say abroad.

They are pretty useful as these can be bought, carried to a different country and used when you reach another country and let your family back home know that you have reached safely with the precious phone card, if you kept it in your pocket as luggage sometimes is misplaced by airfreight carriers and end up in a different country. So for the lucky ones that have reached in another country with their luggage intact they can call using these phone cards, for others whose luggage was misplaced they can also call with these cards provided they have a photocopy, Xerox of the phone card with them. Calling Procedure is pretty standard for most cards, there is a local number or a toll-free number to be called and follow the instructions and enter the destination phone number followed by some special key like *, # or any other numeric key and the destination number would be connected to the number called from.

Based on the credit on the card and the amount of credit charged per minute, it is easy to figure out how many minutes a card should last for. It would be sensible to keep track of the number of minutes that the card is used for calling and if there is any discrepancy than their customer care should be notified of this so that they can improve on it. In most cases, they are quite accurate when it comes to deducting credits but it is always wise to be careful when money is concerned.

Some services, like CallnSpeak, Rebtel, Keku, still offer calling cards but in a new virtual format. these cards are a convenient way to make international calls for the people who get used to this type of tools. Calling cards are refilled with balance, can be used several times,  its balance can be tracked in the personal account of the user at the service provider. All these and other features are available. Please, follow the links to learn more about it.