How much does the corporate IP telephony cost?

Often, when comparing the cost of IP telephony and traditional telephony, only the cost of equipment is taken into account at the moment of purchase. This is incorrect since when switching to a system, it is necessary to include in the calculation not only the initial cost of equipment but also the cost of its maintenance during the entire period of operation.

The practice has proved that the cost of operating a corporate IP-telephony system is 40-85% lower than the cost of operating a traditional telephony system. The cost of the equipment of traditional and IP-telephony is approximately the same or may differ in 10-15%. If the company already possess or is implementing a converged IP infrastructure, the transition to corporate IP-telephony will be cheaper in comparison with the acquisition of traditional telephony equipment.

Considering the difference in the approach to the formation of the price by the producers of traditional and IP-telephony, we can distinguish the following: in traditional telephony, the station is expensive, and phones are cheaper. Incorporate IP telephony, the station, in terms of the number of subscribers, is cheap, and all IP-telephones are analogs of digital telephones and therefore are somewhat more expensive. In real projects, often a comparable amount is obtained, even if the system is calculated on analog office stations.