Discover SMS Marketing Service as an Advertisement Channel For Automobile Dealership

Bulk SMS advertisement may be used in several ways by the Automobile Dealership showroom:

  • Information about new car models,
  • Customer invitation to test drive new brands,
  • A reminder of the date of the next MOT car
  • A message about current promotions,
  • Holiday greetings and birthday,
  • Informing clients about the opening of the new or auto centers.
  • More cases you can find at the service provider, that we used to manage SMS campaign

Bulk SMS messaging can solve the following tasks:

  • The message to customers about new brands and models of cars that appeared on the market.

Example: “The long-awaited new 2014, Nissan Qashqai crossover on sale from May 12! Hurry up! The first 100 customers gifts! Car dealer Nissan. Tel .: 133-45-55. ”

  • Informing clients about the possibility of a test drive the new car models, an invitation to test drive.

Example: “Test-drive for new SUV Nissan! Evaluate the power of a brand new car 2014! Auto show Nissan. Tel .: 133-45-55. ”

  • Message to the client of the date of the next vehicle maintenance, necessity to perform scheduled maintenance (tires replacement, oil, filters).

Example: “Dear George! We want to remind you about MOT for your vehicle. You can order it for July 10 at our service. Details by Tel.: 133-45-65. Auto service Nissan”.

  • Invitation to the customer to participate in promotions, information about discounts on services, additional services.

Example: “Dear Pete! This weekend we have a draw of Chevrolet cars of the previous season. We invite you to take part in the raffle. Registration by Tel.: 133-45-67. Auto service Chevrolet”.

  • Customer Congratulations on the Day of the motorist, birthday and other holidays.

Example: “Dear Mickle! Happy Birthday! We give you as a gift a free tires replacement. Auto service Nissan. Tel.: 133-45-65. ”

  • The message to customers about the opening of new service centers in their city or town.

Example: “Dear Clare! We have opened a new tech center at 12 Brooklyn street. We invite you to a car service every day from 9 am to 8 pm. Pre-registration by the Tel .: 133-45-65. Auto service Nissan.

Bulk SMS service is a convenient way to deliver information quickly and inexpensively to a large number of customers.

A piece of useful and timely information provides a constant turnover of loyal customers and increases the income at the car showroom. Recently we had a client, how ordered SMS marketing service (like and after its implementation shared his impressions from it.

The showroom had a history of more than fifteen years. It was selling new cars and cars with mileage. The choice of car is a responsible and exciting task. The car dealership managers are helping to choose a car that is suitable for one’s taste and price category. The service has good relations with thousands of satisfied customers who also recommend its services to their friends and partners.

The service provides a full range of services, including insurance. Various unexpected situations can happen on the road. Every day here and there all over the country traffic accidents happens. Any car enthusiast wants to be sure that if something bad will happen, the damage will be reimbursed. In this salon, there are qualified professionals, capable of choosing the insurance program both on CTP policies and under the policy Hull. Today, few people need proves of the importance of insurance; everyone has heard the story of a friend, as he had all damages compensated.

For buyers who failed to get the driving license, or for those who are in another city, the service provides a service of the car delivery to the house. The service can deliver the vehicle as the tow truck, and drive the vehicle itself.

The service also opened a technical center. Motorists who have made a purchase from the service, are guaranteed to repair and maintain this car in this technical center. The service has all that is necessary to diagnose and repair. Technicians took the car in for repair, inspection and calculated the approximate cost of repairs. There is a warehouse where there is always a wide range of spare car parts. The service offers a flexible system of discounts to regular customers. Also, there is a guarantee for all installed car parts.

This car salon also provides services for installing car alarms, parking sensors, xenon, and bi-xenon lamps, as well as the growing popularity of multimedia panel,  allows you to watch movies and listen to music while in the car.

When the service launched a new service – anti-theft system installation, it decided to inform all their customers about it. To implement this, they asked our SMS service to use their database of clients. As the database was fresh and alive, it took only several hundred dollars in this campaign.

However, the revenue that the car dealership center achieved from the installation of anti-theft systems was a hundred thousand dollars. Just satisfactory results, isn’t it? Sending SMS has proven to be effective!