Call Center work Efficiency Improvement 5 Best Techniques

Make customers happy with excellent service

We continue our articles with the story of how to build excellent service in the company. Let’s look at the list of points to be taken into account while setting up the strategy of customer support at the company, that works with the clients. 


Following the vision formed a mission – why there is a department. This is a long-term goal, from which the annual goals are formed, and from them – the work plan and weekly tasks. Thus, at each of the levels, we have an answer to the question “why” to implement this or that change.

The mission of everyone who works with clients:

Excellent service in every touch.

It is easy to service perfectly once and it is almost impossible to perfect service every time. This formulation of the mission programs the desire for an ideal. At the same time cannot be avoided, requirements and products are constantly changing – we will always have something to improve. And here it is important to say how we understand the service and what we will develop.

Excellent service

The working group of the Call Center conducted a brainstorming session, dismantled the service into five elements:

  • Availability
  • Decision
  • Speed
  • Etiquette
  • Participation

Each of the elements is important for the client, one can not single out – it is necessary to develop these things in a complex way.

  1. Availability

Accessibility, this is when it’s easy to find contacts, employees quickly pick up the phone and answer letters. Call Center uses all available channels of communication and for customers they are free. Technical support works round the clock and any question can be independently obtained from the articles and documentation.

  1. The solution

In order to close tasks perfectly, everyone must have a responsible person who reports the progress of the decision and the results. Experts not only give feedback but also receive it from customers, take it into work or transmit it inside the company. Any task is brought to the end, it is decided or given a motivated refusal – there should be no pending tasks.

The decision does not end with a refusal: the specialists explain why they do not solve the problem, build a causal relationship to the client and achieve her understanding, offer alternatives and consult them.

  1. Speed

The faster we answer and solve the questions, the more satisfied the client – this is obvious. Therefore here it is better to write, due to what you can achieve high speed.

In Call Center all processes must be debugged, the necessary number of specialists works, applications on time escalate, the old ones are solved first. Experts are competent and should clearly and clearly state their thoughts, do not ask and do not say too much. For the independent decision – the knowledge base is kept up-to-date.

  1. Etiquette

We need to respect the client: politely communicate, address by name, speak the truth. It is necessary to put into service standards a greeting, a farewell, a proper deduction on the line. The specialist should be a professional in the work on the phone, use the techniques of active listening, join the conversation, using an inner smile and just be careful.

  1. Participation

If you limit yourself to the first four elements – you will have robotic support. Therefore, the fifth element is needed – participation.

Employees want to help, they must sympathize and empathize in situations where something has gone wrong. Help, even if we are not responsible, even if we are not asked about it. In Call Center should not be sent to another channel – all the necessary applications are drawn up on behalf of the client, and applications should not hang in the unknown – they need to be solved or transferred to a specific date.

6. Customer orientation

From the articles, it may seem that we are building a client-oriented service, but I did not use this word specifically. We grow and hire professionals in telephony, equipment, the web, our and related products. The employee is expensive: he has to be found, trained, provided with work and a workplace, instilled values, retained. Therefore, we think about business and profits.

We build long-term partnerships with all: employees, customers, partners. And client-oriented as much as collaborative. Also, we do not believe that the client is always right and do not seek to work with all entrepreneurs at all costs. From this follows two things.

First, we will never force employees to order a pizza or taxi at the request of the client, to look for the nearest pharmacy and to fulfill other requests that are not in our business. Employees have the right to refuse assistance on other matters. And second, it is cheaper for us to abandon an aggressive and conflicting client than from a specialist. Therefore, we are always for equal relations, without distortions.

Annual goals

Management by objectives in management brought by Peter Drucker is a tool for strategic management of the company. I like it: it’s simple and straightforward. First senior management determines the general direction for the company, it is revealed through vision and mission. Then he formulates a strategy for several years