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About Us

This is a project dedicated to the latest technologies on the web, telecommunication market news, and devices designed to make the global communication and networking advanced, enriched with new features.

Besides, we give a special place to VoIP telecommunications, which still takes the largest part of the telecom market. We want to make our recourse the general knowledge base for those who start dealing with the VoIP systems and networks and need some information to understand how to work in this sphere. We will cover information starting from general notions connected with telecommunication industry and technologies, up to the detailed review of some popular solutions and systems from well-known manufacturers. We hope it will be a good start for the newcomers to telecommunication world.

For whom we write?

First of all, our articles will be interesting for newbies, dummies, who know nothing about telecom systems and VoIP. We’ll try to explain the topic from A to Z so, the newcomer will understand.

Our team

Professionalism and dedication make us united. We set ourselves ambitious goals and easily solve problems of any complexity. We are focused on successful and mutually beneficial cooperation. Everyone in our team is an expert with the highest professional training. If you have any questions or suggestions – Contact US at info@cheapvoips.net

Meet Our team

Henry and Lis – our writers

Helen – our chief editor

Mine – our regional blogger

Melany – technology reviewer